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We are pleased to publish interesting works the essence of which is very mature. We are grateful to the authors and reviewers who with their constructive criticism contribute to the quality and further dynamic development of Physical Activity Review. A significant part of Physical Activity Review is composed of publications that are related to cultural and social contexts of education and health-related  behaviour resulting from practicing martial arts. The publishers are pleased to invite Authors to publish empirical and theoretical works of physical education and related disciplines and social sciences and health sciences that represent interdisciplinary approach. Starting a new year 2017 of this paper, we invite to publish scientific analyses within the area ranking from physical education, health-related science and social sciences presenting different points of view and research perspectives. In connection with readers’ interest the list of subjects has been enlarged with two new subjects: active lifestyle, sports psychology. Open Access Journal.

Prof. Jacek Wąsik, Ph.D. Editor-in-Chief